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  •  Why we must all work together to help people with Parkinson’s Disease?
         Parkinson’s affect 1.5 million Americans with 60,000 new cases being diagnosed each year. Anyone can be affected regardless of race, sex or social status. The current methods of using drug and surgery to help control the symptoms of the disease are necessary, but they are not sufficient to help sufferers live with the disease.
         Many people with PD or other neurological, debilitating conditions have problems performing simple tasks of daily living: getting out of bed, eating, dressing, bathing, grooming themselves and even maintaining their ability to walk or talk.
    In our program, we have seen that when the average person with PD exercises three days per week, he/she is able to slow the progression of the disease, prevent falling and improve functionality for performing daily tasks.
         We have seen the results of our exercise system tailored for those with PD. We have celebrated with students as we watched those who had experienced tremors, slow movement, erratic mobility, speech problems, trouble swallowing, memory problems, stiffness, shuffling, immobility, frequent falling and other severe balance and coordination problems, regain their confidence, freedom and independence.
         Our mission is to develop Parkinson’s Exercise Program (PEP) classes in the Parkinson’s support groups throughout northern California so that those with PD can find ways to help themselves and each other.
         Please donate to support this effort or if you would like to become an instructor or wish to get involved in anyway please Contact Us
    Exercise benefit Parkinsonians
    Real life evidence!
    Results of our Tai Chi for Parkinson’s 12 week conditioning study:
         We studied 2 groups of people with Parkinson’s disease in two different residential communities, one group had 23 participants and the other group had 26. Both groups average age was 77. Both groups were tested at the beginning and ending of the study period. The group with 23, (Kujiweza group) exercised 3 days per week using the Kujiweza Method, the group of 26 (control group), exercised 2 days per week using standard skeletal-muscle exercises of walking, strength, flexibility and coordination training. In the control group only 2 people showed improvement, most remained the same, while 4 actually declined in flexibility, balance and walk speed.
         In the Kujiweza exercise group 100% of the participants showed significant improvement in overall body fitness and functionality.

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