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         Our method is to provide comprehensive training in techniques of living with Parkinson’s. We evaluate each person with an eye on assessing where they are in terms of physical and mental limitations. For those entering our 12-week conditioning challenge program, we measure and evaluate flexibility, strength and coordination of all joints and limbs.
    We also evaluate walking speed and agility. Wrist, hands and fingers are tested to determine strength, dexterity and coordination. Using Tai Chi and other exercise modalities, we design an exercise regimen to correct as many deficiencies as possible.
    Parkinson's Exercise and Personal Training Include:  
    • Individual Fitness Testing, Evaluation and Program Design
    • Nei Kung, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Wai Tung Kung exercises
    • Flexibility, Strength and Coordination training of all joints and limbs
    • Balance, gait, walk speed and agility training
    • In home consultation & Personal Training
    • Fall Prevention and Corrective Therapy Programs
    Since 2000, Kujiweza Healing Arts Institute has been teaching people with PD how to live with the disease. We have grown from one location teaching at The Villages Golf and Country Club to Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto to The Terraces of Los Gatos.
         We need more instructors to help us reach more people.
         If you want to be a part of this effort or want more information, please call us at: (408) 315-1179 or email us at

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